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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fargo Print & Design: How to Write a Branding Print Ad

An ad with a focus on creating awareness for an ad is different than product or service advertising, which has a specific call to action at the end, driving potential customers to do something. Branding simply requires that an association be made with the brand name. If an ad does its job well, it will be a positive and memorable association that drives its audience to become a new user of the product or service.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step One by Fargo Print:

Create a message that resonates. For a message to resonate, first identify your audience, then highlight the benefits or distinguishing features of your product or service. This is a must to make your product stand out from competitors.
Step Two by Fargo Print:
Realize in writing your copy that successful copy always combines psychology, logic and creativity. An ad must be persuasive, or it must pull on some other emotional appeal; this is the psychological aspect. Next, it must be logical, meaning, to the target consumer, it must present a valid reason why it might be worth giving a try--does it save time, money, make a job easier? These are appeals to our logic. Finally, it must be creative. In a world where advertising is splashed nearly everywhere, we're on overload. It takes a special form of creativity to really catch our attention in fargo moorhead.
Step Three by Fargo Print:
Know what your brand is about, and figure out what emotion it appeals to. It's important to use this simple route when creating a branding ad, because the ad is featuring the company's brand as a whole, not just a specific product or service. Branding ads are great opportunities to show what a brand stands for. It can appeal to love and desire, safety or ego. Most of all, it can be a very powerful statement.
Step Four by Fargo Print:
Grab the audience's attention through well written copy supported by strong visuals. In a print ad, the headline is essential. It must be strong--concisely presenting a statement or thought while luring the reader to continue on. It must be presented in a way that creates an appeal so the viewer doesn't simply flip the page or walk away.
Step Five by Fargo Print:
Leave them with a good feeling. Whether your ad is copy heavy or image-based, you want to tie in your brand (its name, logo, etc.) with the positive message you're trying to send. The end result? Readers are left with a positive impression, one they'll carry with them and call upon when making future buying decisions.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Creating a Brand on a Budget in Fargo Moorhead

Fargo Printing: Creating a Brand on a Budget in Fargo Moorhead

Typically, start-ups come to a branding consultant, because they've already stayed up late over pizza and beer, brainstorming through a thousand names and concepts. They still haven't "quite gotten it nailed" and are becoming frustrated. Don't do this. Start off on the right foot and make the small (in relative terms) investment in having your brand and identity created by a company that specializes in start-ups.
You are starting a business, and you need to spend your days (and nights) focusing on that task — talking to financial investors, building a team, developing a product or service, getting an office established; in short, realizing your dream and your unique vision. You don't need to spend your time trying to address issues that aren't your core competency.

As a small business owner with an established local market presence, there are some things you can do to sharpen up your brand without incurring fees from a full-fledged branding company. At a minimum, your business cards, letterhead, signage, and other existing corporate identity should all display a consistent usage of your company name, logo, and tag line information. If this isn't the case, an overhaul is in order. Make decisions about the color of all of your business cards — letterhead as well as the ink. It takes some discipline, but it's important to your brand to stick to those decisions for years to come.

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Fargo Printing: Distinguishing a Brand

Fargo Media: There are a growing number of products and services introduced to the market every month, and your company may not stand the test of time if it lacks a well-defined brand. Differentiation is key for any product or service. In the information age, impressions come to people so fast it's virtually impossible to retain all the messages with which we're bombarded. In order to make people stop, look, and listen, it is imperative that the brand you create cuts th

rough the clutter. The name and logo ? the "look and feel" of your communications ? is the starting point for how people perceive you.

In order to lead in your category, you want your target audience to notice and to remember you. Because the core of your brand is your name and how that name is visually expressed, there is a terrific opportunity to make these elements work for you. Take your brand development seriously, and invest what is necessary achieve your goals. This may mean hiring an outside help. For more on the definition of a brand, read What Is a Brand?

Equally important, make sure that you think through and are able to communicate your company's position and core values. If you can't articulate what differentiates you to your branding c

onsultant, chances are they won't be able to communicate it visually. They need clear direction in order to craft a memorable, differentiated brand.

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Fargo Printing: Distinguishing a Brand

Fargo Printing: Defining a Brand

Fargo ND. When starting your own business, one of your most important concerns is to develop your company's face to the world. This is your brand. It is the company's name, how that name is visually expressed through a logo, and how that name and logo extend throughout an organization's communications. A brand is also how the company is perceived by its customers — the associations and inherent value they place on your business.

A brand is also a kind of promise. It is a set of fundamental principles as understood by anyone who comes into contact with a company. A brand is an organization's "reason for being"; it is how that reason is expressed through the various communications to its key audiences, including customers, shareholders, employees, and analysts. A brand should also represent the desired attributes of a company's products, services, and initiatives.

Apple's brand is a great example. The Apple logo is clean, elegant, and easily implemented. Notice that the company has altered the use of the apple logo from rainbow-striped to monochromatic. In this way they keep their brand and signal in a new era for their expansive enterprise. Think about how you've seen the brand in advertising, trade shows, packaging, product design, and so on. It's distinctive and it all adds up to a particular promise. The Apple brand stands for quality of design and ease of use.

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Fargo Printing : Make an Impact with your Brand.

Fargo Printing: Distinguishing a Brand

A simple, effective logo goes a long way toward making a company a superstar in its industry. The trick is capturing the intangible elements of a company into a brand that exemplifies your service, your values and, most of all, your spirit.

What do you believe In? We believe in the power of a great brand. And we believe great brands are driven by new thinking - the ability to go inside your company to develop a compelling strategy that transforms your brand into something so powerful it doesn't just help you beat the competition, it makes the competition irrelevant.

Through printed materials, be they brochures, annual reports or newsletters, a company can communicate its progress, its achievements and its future.

We take the time that is required to completely understand your company or organization, so we can provide you with logos, stationary packages, etc. that fit your target demographic. We aren't a company that forces a look and feel down your throat, we just listen to your hopes and expectations and give you exactly what you want- and more.

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