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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fargo Print & Design: How to Write a Branding Print Ad

An ad with a focus on creating awareness for an ad is different than product or service advertising, which has a specific call to action at the end, driving potential customers to do something. Branding simply requires that an association be made with the brand name. If an ad does its job well, it will be a positive and memorable association that drives its audience to become a new user of the product or service.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step One by Fargo Print:

Create a message that resonates. For a message to resonate, first identify your audience, then highlight the benefits or distinguishing features of your product or service. This is a must to make your product stand out from competitors.
Step Two by Fargo Print:
Realize in writing your copy that successful copy always combines psychology, logic and creativity. An ad must be persuasive, or it must pull on some other emotional appeal; this is the psychological aspect. Next, it must be logical, meaning, to the target consumer, it must present a valid reason why it might be worth giving a try--does it save time, money, make a job easier? These are appeals to our logic. Finally, it must be creative. In a world where advertising is splashed nearly everywhere, we're on overload. It takes a special form of creativity to really catch our attention in fargo moorhead.
Step Three by Fargo Print:
Know what your brand is about, and figure out what emotion it appeals to. It's important to use this simple route when creating a branding ad, because the ad is featuring the company's brand as a whole, not just a specific product or service. Branding ads are great opportunities to show what a brand stands for. It can appeal to love and desire, safety or ego. Most of all, it can be a very powerful statement.
Step Four by Fargo Print:
Grab the audience's attention through well written copy supported by strong visuals. In a print ad, the headline is essential. It must be strong--concisely presenting a statement or thought while luring the reader to continue on. It must be presented in a way that creates an appeal so the viewer doesn't simply flip the page or walk away.
Step Five by Fargo Print:
Leave them with a good feeling. Whether your ad is copy heavy or image-based, you want to tie in your brand (its name, logo, etc.) with the positive message you're trying to send. The end result? Readers are left with a positive impression, one they'll carry with them and call upon when making future buying decisions.

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